EA Sports FIFA 18 Player Predictions: David de Gea

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EA Sports FIFA 18 Player Predictions: David de Gea

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David de Gea had a remarkable season in this past year, and will be looking for an upgrade to his card in this next installment of the FIFA franchise.

De Gea received a generous rating from the EA Sports team and was ultimately bumped up three overall ratings.best place to buy fifa 18 coinsHe lived up to that rating this year, making himself a worthy fit for the 90 overall rating he received.With this card comes a big price. The card is currently going for almost 700,000 coins on the in-game transfer market. While this is a large price to pay there isn’t much doubt the Spaniard is worth every last bit. The performance de Gea has put on this season has FIFA fans in no debate on whether or not he deserves an upgrade.

While he didn’t receive an overall rating upgrade, de Gea’s individual stats improved across all fronts. One of the biggest and most notable upgrades to de Gea is his positioning. This tended to be an issue for players as opponents sped into the box and slotted the shot away. He also receives a big upgrade to his speed, making him more agile against opposition. As a whole, de Gea’s card is more rounded out to better suit his style of play.

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