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HomeGuard Pro

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HomeGuard Pro is an easy to use action checking tool for tracking and managing the use of computer systems in home and office networks. HomeGuard documents web action and instantly blocks all adult and inappropriate written content in web-sites furthermore to customizable website block and allow for lists and filtering according to file varieties (e.g.: exe downloads or online flash online games).

Additionally, it documents specific reports on utilization of courses including active usage time, run time, bandwidth applied, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each individual software with the choice to block or time limit selected applications or online games. Furthermore screen capture, periodically or determined by certain routines, chat and email checking and filtering, printer and USB units monitoring and blocking, Internet time limitations, network link monitoring and filtering, email notifications and additional.
HomeGuard runs, by default, in stealth method completely concealed and undetectable, even so, it may be set to exhibit warnings to end users when everything is blocked. Both way it can be uninstallable, unclosable and are not able to be bypassed using proxy servers.

HomeGuard Pro 2.8.8 Key Features:

• Program together with energetic use of time, operate time, bandwidth employed, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in just about every program with the option to block or limit sure method or game time.

• Plus screen capture, on the periodic foundation or according to particular things to do, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB system checking and blocking, restrictions on Internet time, community connections checking and filtering, email notifications and much more.

• HomeGuard operates, by default, in stealth manner completely concealed and undetectable, nevertheless, can be established to display screen a warning to the person when a little something is blocked. Possibly way it uninstall equipped, unlosable and are unable to be bypassed through the use of a proxy server.

• HomeGuard Action Monitor provides entire online and offline checking with emphasis on family/child safety by large parental regulate and PC monitoring features.

• It also has advanced file viewing features empowering you to speedily pinpoint an exercise or concentrate around the selected period of time of time or a sure person.

• HomeGuard Pro 2.8.8 Keygen Parental Controls and monitoring features are very very low routine maintenance at the time set up they will involve no intervention from you and no configuration is required for most options, the program will silently monitor and history almost everything blocking any written content or action you deem unsafe.

• Blocks web sites on the outlined blocking record and allow entry to all other web-sites not within the listing, and whitelists: allow access only to internet sites on a described permit listing and block all other websites, effectively.

• HomeGuard Pro 2.8.8 Patch also supplies a community checking aspect for monitoring programs use of the Internet, capturing network site visitors particulars for every single software.

• Built in keylogger information each individual keystroke typed over the PC. And exercise based mostly screenshots capture tool for getting screenshots based on consumer steps, e.g.: every time a website is visited, a plan started…etc. Furthermore, assists cease gaming addiction/excessive gaming via proscribing method and Internet entry to sure moments of day or times of the 7 days.

• HomeGuard Pro 2.8.8 Crack internet filtering can't be bypassed by making use of proxy servers all community site visitors will be captured and filtered for blocked internet websites, wwwwwwwwww or unsuitable content material or other blocked content material described by you.

Working System:

• Windows XP

• Windows Vista

• Windows 7

• Windows 8, 8.1

• Windows 10

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